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SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets

Client: Simon Property Group

Medium: Mobile

Technologies: Firebase, Nativebase, React Native, Redux


I joined this project midway through, as the previous developer wasn't meeting expectations. Hired in August with a hard deadline of October, our goal was to launch before the holiday season rush. With just over a month to deliver and only one other developer on board, we had our work cut out for us.

While our timeline was tight, we prioritized functionality over perfection to ensure the application was usable. The primary objective was to consolidate Simon's multiple mobile apps into one cohesive experience, streamlining maintenance for developers and enhancing user satisfaction, ultimately aiming for higher ratings in app stores.


To achieve our goals efficiently, we opted for React Native as the framework. This decision allowed Simon's developers to maintain a single codebase for both Android and iOS versions, simplifying updates and reducing development overhead.

Identifying issues with Simon's APIs, I collaborated closely with their developers to address and rectify them, ensuring seamless data retrieval for the application.

Despite time constraints, we put in extra hours to meet the holiday season deadline, albeit sacrificing some optimizations, particularly in initial load times and performance.


We successfully launched the application within the set timeframe, delivering on all promised features.

To enhance performance, we optimized data loading by reducing initial requests and implementing loaders and placeholders to indicate ongoing data retrieval. Additionally, we restructured application components, resulting in an impressive 80% decrease in load times.

Pixel-perfect implementations based on Figma designs were delivered, ensuring a visually appealing user experience.

Post-launch, I provided ongoing support, addressing bugs and introducing new features, demonstrating our commitment to the project's long-term success.

Furthermore, we improved accessibility by increasing touchpoint sizes and incorporating alternate text fields.


The application's App Store rating skyrocketed from 3.5 stars to an impressive 4.9, reflecting the significant improvement in user satisfaction.

By streamlining development with React Native and optimizing performance, we effectively lowered overhead and maintenance costs for Simon.

Internally, the project was hailed as a major success, solidifying our partnership with Studio Science and showcasing our ability to deliver under pressure.

Feel free to check out the app on the App Store or Play Store to experience the results firsthand